The Lipscomb Academy football program and Head Coach Trent Dilfer seek every opportunity to Be Set Apart. 

We are a Human Development program masked as a Football team. We live by Jesus’ Golden Rule and through that we are assured that we can make a lasting impact with our daily actions. Through Justice and Equality for all, we are proactively developing the Character of each Tribe member so that one day they can become Thermostat leaders prepared to make a positive impact for the community of Middle Tennessee and eventually the World. Our Tribe demonstrates that some of the “fun” is discovered in the struggle, that there is a freedom found in working through their "temporary setbacks", and peace for a Mustang is found by concentrating their mindsets only on what they can control- Effort, Energy, Attitude and Focus. We ask our Tribe to live uncommon lives that are rooted in Joy, Positivity, and Encouragement. A life that truly represents our motto “Be Set Apart”.


Trent Dilfer was hired on January 21, 2019. It was a Calling from God. The Foundation of the program was laid by the legendary Coach Glenn McCadams. Coach Dilfer used the first 7 months on the job to build upon that foundation and develop the young Mustangs on and off the field through a “Bigger Than Football” approach that was guided by the program motto “Be Set Apart”. The players started to control what they could control, their EEAF (Energy, Effort, Attitude and Focus), and the transformation in a short time was noticeably phenomenal. Their Minds, Bodies and Souls were being fed in a way they couldn’t have dreamt of. 

The Fall was a success by all standards on the field with a state semi-finals appearance and eight Mustangs signing a letter of Intent to play college football. More importantly, the Mustangs were thriving off the field in the classroom and in the community. Lipscomb Academy Football earned the TSSAA Distinguished Scholastic Achievement Award given to programs who had a cumulative team GPA over 3.25. Year over year there was growth in Academics, Team Performance, Roster Size, Advancement, College Recruiting and Media Development. Servant Leaders who will impact the world 20, 30, 40 years from now were developed on Dilfer’s year 1 roster. Coach Dilfer will forever be indebted to those players, families, coaches and administrators who helped make Year 1 a reality.


Lipscomb Academy social media channels received tremendous growth in year 1 and year 2, unheard of for High School programs, due to Coach Dilfer’s presence on national media platforms seen above and the brand partnerships that the Football program was able to align with so that the Mustangs could reach their maximum potential on and off the field.

With a Global Brand comes resourcing the players with the best in class facilities

  1. Best in Class Field Turf installed August 2020.
  2. Sorinex’s most prestigious High School Weight Room.
  3. State of the Art Christian Family indoor facility. 
  4. Top of the Line team meeting space in the Story room. Donated by Rick and Cindy Story.
  5. Player Lounge donated by class of 2020 offensive lineman Sutton McGee.


Our full-time recruiting & player development staff uses their robust network to increase our student athletes exposure. We have had an incredible 367% increase in football player recruitment since January 2019!


Since its establishment 127 years ago, Lipscomb Academy has provided a rigorous but joyful learning environment for Nashville students in the intermediate and primary grades. From its very beginnings, Lipscomb Academy benefitted from the college-level professors, equipment and resources available right on its campus. The entire school was founded “to teach the Christian religion as presented in the Bible” and “to prepare Christians for usefulness, in whatever sphere they are called upon to labor.”

Today, that mission means Lipscomb Academy provides all the opportunity of a university, with the feel of a family. Our mission is greater than shaping only the minds of your children; we guide children to discover their gifts and passions to develop as a whole person and to become an adult who can positively influence the Nashville and greater global community.  Learn More About Lipscomb Academy!